SiriusPoint Announces Investment in Smart Car Revolution with MGA Avinew

May 10, 2022

HAMILTON, Bermuda, May 10, 2022 -- SiriusPoint Ltd. (“SiriusPoint” or the “Company”) (NYSE: SPNT), a global insurer and reinsurer, has announced its investment in autonomous vehicle revolution technology through a strategic partnership with the Managing General Agent (MGA) Avinew.

Avinew, which was set up in 2016, is an underwriting platform that can directly underwrite and appropriately price for semi-autonomous and autonomous motor usage. The insurance product covers AI-enabled vehicles and is looking to plug the knowledge gap in the market caused by a lack of ability to understand and track autonomous automobile usage.

“Avinew has the potential to be a disruptive force in the automotive insurance market and for us, represents meaningful strategic value,” said Darryl Siry, CTO at SiriusPoint. “The autonomous revolution has already begun as one in three new cars sold will soon have Level 2 plus autonomous driving capability which amounts to over six million vehicles in the US market by 2024. We are delighted to be part of that revolution through our partnership with Avinew.”

SiriusPoint, through its Insurance & Services Division, has strategic partnerships with over 30 MGAs and technology enabled insurance services companies. SiriusPoint will offer fronting services, reinsurance, and strategic advice to Avinew, and the investment will allow Avinew to grow its product offering and develop its technology to gain market share.

“Avinew understands the need for cooperation between insurers and the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs),” said Josh Curry, Head of North America Distribution, SiriusPoint. “Avinew is embedding the insurance underwriting, pricing, and overall insurance customer experience directly with the OEMs. This collaboration allows for an insurance program that is seamless at digital point-of-sale and directly tailored to the specifics of the manufactured vehicle, its safety features, target market demographics and the parts and repair journey.”

Avinew has built a deep and experienced executive team with roots in insurance, technology, and starting companies.

“SiriusPoint for us offers more than just investment – it gives us expertise in insurance and technology, experience and knowledge,” said Dan Peate, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Avinew, who has twenty years of insurance experience spanning Fortune 50 companies and Insurtech. “This is an exceptional opportunity for us to grow and flourish and allow Avinew to become the preferred partner in this space – giving better, seamless customer experiences and the right coverage for AI-enabled vehicles.”

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